Course Offerings: Graduate Courses 2020-2021

ITA1735HF Educational Linguistics: Teaching, Learning and Using Foreign Languages S. Casini Fall M 12-2 Online-synchronous
ITA1177HF The Italian Questione della Lingua F. Pierno Fall T 3-5 Online-synchronous
ITA1597HF Commedia dell’Arte Goggio Visting Professor R. Kerr Fall TH 10-12 Online-synchronous
ITA1810HF/ITA425H1 100 Years of Fellini A. Zambenedetti Fall F 2-4 Online-synchronous
ITA1000HF Methodologies for the Teaching and Study of Italian Chair/Staff TBA Fall TBA TBA
ITA1705HS/ITA426HS Pirandello L. Somigli Winter T 3-5 Online-synchronous
ITA1200HS Dante E. Brilli Winter F 2-4 Online-synchronous
TBA TBA Goggio Visiting Professor Winter TBA TBA

Course Offerings: Graduate Courses 2019-20

Course List:
ITA1000H Methodologies for the Teaching and Study of Italian / Staff
ITA1001Y Colloquia and Professional Development / Staff
ITA1025H Old Italian / F. Pierno
ITA1026H Italian Dialectology / F. Pierno
ITA1029H History of Italian Religious Language / F. Pierno
ITA1030H Italian Lexicography: History and Methodologies / F. Pierno
ITA1031H History of Italian Language in North America / F. Pierno
ITA1165H Introduction to Italian Philology / M. Lettieri
ITA1170H Textual Criticism and the Editing of Early Italian Texts /
M. Lettieri
ITA1177H The Italian Questione della Lingua
ITA1200H Dante / D. Pietropaolo
ITA1203H Boccaccio / Staff
ITA1202H Dante and Augustine / E. Brilli
ITA1235H Topics in Italian Studies / Staff
ITA1330H Petrarch and Petrarchism / F. Guardiani
ITA1520H Renaissance Humanism / Staff
ITA1530H Machiavelli / Staff
ITA1535H Topics in Italian Literature / Staff
ITA1540H Renaissance Italian Theatre / K. Eisenbichler
ITA1545H The Sacra Rappresentazione / K. Eisenbichler
ITA1550H Literature and Culture in Renaissance Tuscany / K. Eisenbichler
ITA1551H 16th century Italian Tragedy / M. Lettieri
ITA1552H Pietro Aretino and the Italian Renaissance / M. Lettieri
ITA1565H Tasso / F. Guardiani
ITA1591H Baroque Poetics and Poetry / F. Guardiani
ITA1597H The Commedia dell’Arte / D. Pietropaolo
ITA1601H Vico / D. Pietropaolo
ITA1605H Theories of the Stage and Dramatic Criticism / D. Pietropaolo
ITA1610H 17th and 18th century Theatre / S. Bancheri
ITA1645H Post-Tridentine Religious Drama / S. Bancheri
ITA1650H Neoclassical and Pre-Romantic Literary Culture / S. Bancheri
ITA1661H Topics in 19th century Italian Literature / Staff
ITA1705H Pirandello / L. Somigli
ITA1710H Aspects of Modern Italian Poetry / L. Somigli
ITA1723H Trends in the Italian Novel 1900-1960 / Staff
ITA1728H New Trends in the Italian Novel from 1957 to the Present /
ITA1729H Contemporary Literary Criticism in Italy / Staff
ITA1735H Topics in Italian Studies I / Staff
ITA1736H Topics in Italian Studies II / Working with Pre-Modern Italian Texts: From Transcription to Translation
ITA1737H Topics in Italian Studies / Staff
ITA1755H Italian Modernism / L. Somigli
ITA1760H Futurism and the Italian Avant-Garde / L. Somigli
ITA1810H Studies in Italian Literature and Film / Staff
ITA1815H Issues in Italian Film Historiography / Staff                                          ITA1820H The Mediterranean Noir: A Transnational Approach
ITA2010Y Directed Research in Italian Linguistics / Staff
ITA2011H Directed Research in Italian Linguistics / Staff
ITA2041H Directed Research Topics 1
ITA2042H Directed Research Topics 2
ITA2043H Directed Research Topics 3
ITA2044H Directed Research Topics 4
ITA2051H Lecture Series Research 1
ITA2052H Lecture Series Research 2
ITA2053H Lecture Series Research 3
ITA2054H Lecture Series Research 4
JIC5000H Narrativity and Intertextuality in Italian Fiction / Staff
JIF1000H Romance Philology I / D. Kullman
JIF1001H Romance Philology II / F. Pierno
MST3162H Boccaccio and Chaucer