Financial Support

The Base Funding Package


Ph.D. students (full-time) in years 1 to 5 of their programs who maintain good standing.  Awards will be made to eligible first-year doctoral students only when all work for the M.A. degree is complete (not to dual registrants).  Students in the third year or higher of their doctoral program must have met with their Ph.D. Supervisory Committee within the last 12 months.  The report of the Supervisory Committee must indicate that the student is making satisfactory progress towards the degree.


Students must be registered as full-time degree candidates in order to receive the base funding package.  They must be in full-time attendance for a minimum of 14 weeks in any session during which they hold awards. Students who are not in full-time attendance (except for approved absences for research purposes) for at least 14 weeks in a session will be required to repay the award.

Where programs exist that can be pursued on a part-time or full-time basis, graduate students with a disability that prevents them from enrolling on a full-time basis may, under certain circumstances, be considered for a University of Toronto Graduate Fellowship on the basis of academic merit.  For this purpose, disability is defined under the Human Rights Code, Chapter 53, Section 9(1)(b).  To be eligible, a student must provide his or her graduate unit with a letter from the University’s Director of Special Services to Persons with a Disability confirming that part-time study is, in effect, full-time study for that student.

In accordance with Section 56 of the Canadian Income Tax Act, these awards are considered taxable income.

N.B. Students must be in good standing.  Timely progress in their graduate work must be maintained to receive funding.

Teaching Assistantships

The funding package for Ph.D. candidates will comprise a Teaching Assistantship that includes a limited number of hours of teaching, marking, conducting oral classes, and laboratory supervision.

Research Assistantships

Research Assistantships may be available.  Students interested in working on faculty members’ research projects should contact the Chair/Graduate Co-ordinator.

Students who refuse an offer of a Teaching Assistantship or Research Assistantship relinquish that portion of their graduate funding.

Scholarships and Awards:

All Ph.D. students are expected to apply for external scholarships, especially OGS and SSHRCC. This could be a rather laborious process which should not be left for the last moment. Please, consult with the Graduate Coordinator for advice and additional information.

A number of awards are available to full-time graduate students with at least an A minus (A-) overall average (see section below on full-time status).  All students with at least an A- (A minus) average are strongly encouraged to apply for Ontario Government Scholarships (OGS), and Canadians or permanent residents of Canada with an excellent record should also apply for Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) awards. The application deadline for both is October. All students (including non-Canadians) are eligible to be considered for University of Toronto Fellowships and other grants (section below).  No application is required, but students must have applied for admission to the School of Graduate Studies by February 1st.  There are renewable Connaught Fellowships for first-class doctoral students, including non-Canadians, who apply for admission to the School of Graduate Studies by February 1st.

N.B.  Recipients of OGS and SSHRC fellowships may receive top-up awards from the Department.

For additional information on OGS, please click here

For additional information on SSHRC, please click here

Special Milton A. Buchanan Fellowships are available to doctoral students for thesis research in Italy after they have completed the Ph.D. examinations.

The following awards are also available:  the Emilio Goggio Graduate Scholarship(s) for students who have been active in promoting the study of Italian; the Jean Arnold Tory Scholarship/Bursary; the Senator Peter Bosa Fellowship in Italian Studies; the Club Guardiaregia-Mastrogiovanni Pallotta Graduate Fellowship in Italian Studies; the Giovanni Caboto Fellowship in Italian Canadian Studies; and the Italian-Canadian Immigrant Graduate Fellowship in Italian Studies.

Applications are required for the Goggio, Caboto and Buchanan awards.

An OGS Scholarship in memory of Francesco Camisso has been endowed by Anthony Camisso Q.C. for a graduate student in Italian Studies.

Further information:

Doctoral Completion Award:

Meritorious PhD students who are no longer receiving the normal funding can apply for a Doctoral Completion Award (DCA).
The aim of the DCA is to support full-time Ph.D. students who are beyond the funded cohort but within the time limit for the degree.

Overview and Award Criteria

DCA Application