Application for Ph.D. Program


Duration of Funding 4.5 years
Average Income for Domestic Students in 2018-2019 $31,000
Base Funding for domestic students in 2019-2020 $25,990 [17,500 + $8,490 (tuition fee – current amount)]
Average Income for international Students in 2018-2019 $35,000
Base Funding for international Students in 2019-2020 $26,614 [$17,500 + $9,114 (tuition fee – current amount) + UHIP]
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Application for PhD.Program
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Application Deadline Open for Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents – apply and send the applicant number to to request unblocking your application.

Closed for international applicants.


Documents Deadline Date January 19, 2020 for international applicants
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Funding Package Explanations

  • Last year, domestic PhD students received an average of $11,000 above the funding package.
  • Last year, international PhD students received an average of $12,000 above the funding package.
  • Please note that the average income may vary from year to year.
  • Our funding package is provided for 5 years. Students are fully funded during years 1-4; in year 5, the funding support is reduced by 50%. However, students in year 5 may access additional funding sources (ie. Doctoral Completion Award, Internal Scholarships, etc.). For further information, please go to the SGS site “Understanding Your Funding”.
  • In order to maintain eligibility for the funding package, students must maintain good standing and apply for external fellowships for which they are eligible. If a Teaching Assistant or Course Instructor assignment forms part of the funding package for a student in a given year and the student declines the assignment, the funding package for that year is reduced by the amount of the assignment.

Documentation Required

The following documentation is required for ALL Ph.D. applicants (including direct-entry):
1) Letter of Intent
2) Statement of Research and Proposed Plan of Study
3) Sample of Writing
4) Two or more letters of recommendation (preferably from instructors most familiar with applicant’s work)
5) official transcripts
6) TOEFL (minimum departmental score of 100 required)