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First Year Seminars

The 199Y1 and 199H1 seminars are designed to provide the opportunity to work closely with an instructor in a class of no more than twenty-four students. These interactive seminars are intended to stimulate the students’ curiosity and provide an opportunity to get to know a member of the professorial staff in a seminar environment during the first year of study.


Guidelines for the selection of first-year language courses

ITA152Y1: for students who have completed OAC/4U Italian at the high school level (or equivalent).

ITA101Y1: for students who have some passive knowledge of Italian (or an Italian dialect) or some secondary school training in Italian (but not at the senior level OAC/4U).

ITA100Y1: for students who have neither passive knowledge nor any secondary school training in Italian.

ITA102Y1: an introductory language course for students wishing to take Italian solely as a breadth requirement. This course cannot be used towards any Minor, Major or Specialist program in Italian.

Students with an adequate knowledge of Italian may substitute for the language courses and half-courses in the First and Second years another course or half-course, subject to the permission of the Department. The Department reserves the right to place students in the language course appropriate to their level of language skill.


Undergraduate courses: Undergraduate Timetable 2013-14

Undergraduate courses:

ITA100Y1 Italian Language for Beginners
ITA101Y1 Elementary Italian Language
ITA102Y1 Practical Italian
ITA135Y0 Conversation and Culture: An Introduction to Italian
ITA152Y1 Language Practice
ITA200H1 Major Italian Authors in Translation: from Dante to Tasso
ITA210Y1 Contemporary Italy
ITA220H1 Introduction to Modern Italian Literature: Prose
ITA221H1 Introduction to Modern Italian Literature: Poetry
JFI225Y1 Second Language Learning
ITA233H1 Introduction to Italian-Canadian Literature (formerly ITA233Y1)
ITA235Y0 Conversation and Culture: Intermediate Italian Intensive Oral Practice
ITA240Y1 Italian Cinema
ITA245Y1 Italian Culture and Civilization
ITA249H1 Italians in China: From Marco Polo to Matteo Ricci
ITA250Y1 Intermediate Italian
ITA251Y1 Intermediate Italian II
ITA252Y1 Written and Oral Expression in Italian
ITA271Y1 Translating
ITA299Y1 Research Opportunity Program
ITA300H1 History of Italian Literature: Middle Ages and Renaissance
ITA301H1 History of Italian Literature: Baroque to Contemporary
ITA310H1 The ‘Journey’ in the 19th century Italian Literature
ITA311H1 Mediaeval Italian Literature in Translation: Dante
ITA312H1 Mediaeval Italian Literature in Translation: Petrarch and Boccaccio
ITA320H1 Dante: Vita Nuova and Divina Commedia (Inferno)
ITA321H1 Dante: Divina Commedia (Purgatorio and Paradiso)
ITA325H1 Themes and Forms of the Lyric Tradition from Petrarch to Tasso
ITA326H1 Themes and Forms of the Lyric Tradition from Late Renaissance to 20th Century
ITA330H1 The Christian Epic: Manzoni and the 19th century
ITA332H1 Love in the Renaissance
ITA334H1 Italian Canadian Literature I: Life in the New World
ITA340H1 Italian Neorealist Cinema
ITA341H1 Italian Cinema after Neorealism
ITA346H1 Monsters and Marvels in Italian Modern Literature
ITA347H1 Topics in Italian Cinema
ITA350Y1 Language Pratice (formerly ITA343H1, ITA344H1)
ITA351Y1 Language Practice II (formerly ITA354H1, ITA355H1)
ITA356/357YO Italian Culture from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance
ITA358/359YO Modern Italian Culture
ITA360H1 Italian Linguistics
ITA361H1 Aspects of Italian Descriptive and Applied Linguistics
ITA363H1 Italian Sociolinguistics
ITA370H1 Power and Success in the Renaissance
ITA371H1 Translating and Interpreting II
ITA372H1 Translating and Interpreting III
ITA381H1 Topics in Modern and Contemporary Literature
ITA390H1 The Commedia dell’Arte
ITA395YO Special Topics in Italian Studies
ITA398HO Independent Experiential Study Project
ITA399YO Independent Experiential Study Project
ITA400H1 Machiavelli
ITA401H1 Italian Theatre: text and Performance
ITA405H1 19th century Italian Poetry
ITA409H1 Masterpieces of Medieval and Renaissance Drama
ITA410H1 Masterpieces of Modern Drama
ITA420H1 Spinning a Tale: The Italian Short Story from Boccaccio to Basile
ITA421H1 Spinning a Tale: The Italian Short Story after 1800
ITA431H1 History if Italian Language I-from Middle ages to Cinquecento
ITA432H1 History of Italian Language II (from Cinquecento to the Contemporary Age)
ITA436H1 Man and Society from the Renaissance to the Enlightenment
ITA441H1 Italian Novel into Film: Aspects of Cinematic Adaption
ITA451H1 Advanced Composition and Stylistics
ITA452H1 Advanced Composition and Stylistics II
ITA455H1 Women Writers in Italy
ITA460Y1 Internship in Italian
ITA471H1 Translating IV
ITA472H1 Translating V
ITA489H Independent Studies
ITA490Y Independent Studies
ITA491H1 Topics in Contemporary Fiction
ITA493H1 Italian-Canadian Literature II: Identity and Voice
ITA494H1 The Renaissance Artist as Writer
ITA495H1 Directed Research
ITA496H1 Research Methods