Ph.D. Theses

Current Theses in Progress ǀ  Past Ph.D Theses

Current Theses in Progress:

Arancibia, Pamela: Text-image relationship in Italian vernacular Bibles from 1490 to 1641.  Committee:  S. Bancheri (supervisor), F. Pierno (co-supervisor), K. Eisenbichler

Bazzichetto, Sebastiano:  Edizione del Canzoniere di Ridolfo Campeggi
Committee:  F. Guardiani (supervisor), K. Eisenbichler, F. Pierno

Bertolio, Johnny:  La Vita e le Opere di Lattanzio Benucci
Committee:  K. Eisenbichler (supervisor),  F. Guardiani, F. Pierno

De Luca, Davide: The Present Perfect Tense in Cosenza
Committee:  M. Danesi (supervisor), M. Lettieri, D. Pietropaolo

Facchi, Francesca:  The Origins of Italian Crime Fiction
Committee:  L. Somigli (supervisor), G.  Zhang, F. Pierno

Gaudet, Kathleen: Limits of the “Real”: Uses of the Literary Realist Aesthetic in Italy, 1918-1934
Committee: L. Somigli (supervisor), A. Zambenedetti, D. Pietropaolo

Granata, Joanne: A Commented Critical Edition of Francesco Antonio Rossi’s Il Capriccio
Committee: M. Lettieri (supervisor), F. Guardiani, S. Bancheri

Henze, Max: Subjectivity and Otherness in Sicilian Crime Fiction
Committee: L. Somigli (supervisor), A. Zambenedetti, J. Vizmuller-Zocco

Lettieri, Marcogildo:  Word and Image in Alfonso d’Aragona’s Manuscript Edition of the Divina Commedia
Committee:  D. Pietropaolo (supervisor), F. Guardiani, E. Brilli

Licata, Giovanna: Orientalism and the Image of the Turks in Renaissance Italian Theatre
Committee: K. Eisenbichler (supervisor), O. Pugliese, M. Lettieri

Ruccolo, Marisa: Il Realismo Psicologico Fin-de-Siecle.
Committee: L. Somigli (supervisor)

Scarola, Giovanni: The Art of Literary History in the Age of Arcadia
Committee: D. Pietropaolo (supervisor), S. Bancheri, F. Guardiani

Vani, Christina: Immortal Words: Language and Style in the Modern Popular Italian Horror Romance Novel
Committee:  F. Pierno (supervisor), G. Zhang, L. Somigli